Penal law

Penal law

We offer professional legal counsel and assistance with cases in the field of executory criminal law, such as the possibility of deferment of sentences and prison leave.

Human life is not black and white, it has many shades. Law was constructed in order to serve man and take into account alleviating circumstances. In which cases can one count on deferment of sentences or a possibility of prison leave?

We will gladly familiarize ourselves with your case and professionally assess whether or not it is valid to apply for deferment of a sentence not yet commenced or prison leave during a current imprisonment sentence.

If there is such a possibility (resulting from significant health concerns, family or personal issues, for example: pregnancy, care over a child or another family member, mental illness, or acute ailments making it impossible to exist in prison conditions), our Legal Office will aid in gathering the appropriate documents and safely lead you all the required procedures – right up to reaching your goal!

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