About the firm

Located in the centre of Cracow, the law firm Kancelaria Adwokacka Aleksandra Gawin-Bławat emerged as a result of Aleksandra Gawin-Bławat’s (attorney) long-term legal practice both during the cooperations with legal entities as well as natural persons.

Within the area of its scope the firm provides comprehensive legal advice and services in the domains of the civil law, family law, penal and administrative law. We will be happy to answer your questions, elaborate contracts, prepare lawsuits and claims; we will represent your interests during the proceedings of the court trials. We assure you the insight into your case and all related documents in the online Client’s Zone. We offer convenient forms of cooperation.

Aleksandra Gawin-Bławat is a Jagiellonski University graduate from the Department of Law and Administration and was included in the official list of attorney of the District Bar Association in Cracow. She has been cooperating with Law Offices of Advocates and Legal Advisors since 2003.

In the light of law we are all equal. To our firm each and every Client is equally important.

The firm, thanks to its cooperation with a group of professionals (tax advisors, sworn translators, public accountants, notaries) can offer a variety of additional services.