Criminal law

Criminal law

The firm provides professional support within the frame of the criminal law in the following area: defence of the accussed, representing the wronged party, motions to implement the probationary means (conditional discontinuance of criminal proceedings, conditional suspention of penalty execution, paroles), collective penalty.

All wronged parties or victims have a right to claim damages or punishment for the convicted; each accused is innocent until proved otherwise and sentenced. How to avoid prison or reduce the sentence to the minimum? How to punish the wrongdoer? Those questions can be answered only by a professional attorney.

If you have ever been accused wrongly or committed a misdemeanor or even a crime, we offer you a professional and integral support in every stage of the case (both prior to the official litigation and in the stage of preparatory proceedings). We guarantee you the best and thoroughly thought over line of defence leading to finding our client not guilty by the court or implementing/imposing the minimum sanction possible or probatory means. Additionally, we will suggest how to avoid punishment for each and every offence commited, if applicable, and instead accept the collective penalty that results much milder .

We will gladly represent the interests of the wronged person/victim of a crime. As an attorney-in-law we will help obtain damages from the convicted or cause his/her sentencing. We prepare ourselves extremely thoroughly, are characterised by dynamic actions and surprise the opponents with a combination of logics of the facts and conclusions together with being open to non-standard solutions. Just like you, we want the justice to prevail. We work on the cases in the area of: offences against property, health and life, sexual offences as well as those of transport, fiscal/tax and economic crimes, offences related to drug possession or selling, medical errors.

According to the criterium of regulation matter, the criminal law is divided into:

  • material law (crimes, penal liability for committed crimes, penalty means, enforcement means),
  • law of proceedings (a set of legal rules regulating the proceedings initiated by information obtained by law enforcement authorities as to the possible crime occurence, notification of a possibility of an offence commited),
  • penal law (a set of rules regulating execution and imposition of penalties and resolutions in criminal cases).

It is worthy mentioning that criminal acts committed by minors are not subject to the cases of this area and are not characterised by penal liability.

Though our firm is located in Cracow, it does not mean that we take up solely thecases from this particular city. We work on the whole territory of Poland with a focus on Cracow district.

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