Civil law

Civil law

We offer legal advice and help handling all the formalities in the following cases within the scope of the civil law: debt recovery (claims, debts), civil-law and commercial contracts, contract redress, succession law, housing law (property titles, acquisitive prescription cases, mortgage,warranties), consumers’ rights (guarantee’s claims or claims resulting from good’s nonconformity).

Most of us manage to create and shape postitive relations between ourselves and others, those interpersonal and those related to business. What to do when disputes emerge? How to enforce the partner’s compliance to the contract? How to obtain indemnities and remedies?

We help those who face problems recovering the claims and debts. We act in a comprehensive manner – beggining from issuing letters to the debtors (pre-litigation action to recover the non-remunerated receivables) through advice on legal actions to participation in legal proceedings (representing the debtee in the court room).

We elaborate and negotiate contracts (those business ones as well), we prepare lawsuits and applications, legal expertise and opinions within the scope of the civil law.

We attend to providing legal advice on the succession law. We prepare statements and applications related to statutory succession and testate succession. We advise on last will and testament elaboration, inheritance relinquishment, disinheritance or donation contracts. We will answer your bothering question – will you pay a tax or not?

We offer services in the area of the housing law. We participate in the disputes relative to property titles, leasing, eviction, we help achieve acquisitive prescription, we will guide you through the meanders of proceedings connected with mortgage and real estate registers. We will help demand your warranty rights if you discover latent defects in your real estate acquisition.

If you face problems with a dishonest seller, we will advise you on how to enforce him/her to comply with the guarantee terms and conditions or offer reinbursement for non-comformity of the product.

We will deal with all the formalities for you, we will direct you to the corresponding court and do our best to assure that you achieve your goal.

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