Family law

Family law

We offer services and legal advice in the following cases: separations, fault divorces and without it, child support and marital allowance, parental custody and agreements as to contacts with children, guardianship, wordship.

Sometimes it is better to part, than to lead an unhappy life. How to divorce in the manner least harmful to the children? How to secure our rights if we are not the party that bears the responsibility for the marriage collapse?

We advise, step by step, how to achieve a no-fault divorce showing your class. We will prepare a lawsuit for divorce or separation including clauses handling the matters of parental custody and child support or marital allowance. We will suggest how to divorce with the least harm to the children and help to achieve an agreement on the contacts with them.

If you decide on fault divorce, our firm is at your service to help handle all the formalities – beginning from preparing the lawsuit for divorce by cause to representing your party before the District Court in Cracow. We will advise on how to obtain satisfactory child support or marital allowance from the spouse who is solely faulty of marriage collapse. We will participate in the actions and proceedings to grant or withdraw custody to the children. We guarantee you the professional support in these extremely difficult moments of your life.

In situations when a close relative is not able to decide about him/herself as a result of mental disorders, intellectual impairment or addiction and needs a guardian, our attorney will assist you in writing a a professioal application of a guardianship and wordship and will take care of the case in a comprehensive manner.

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